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OUR GOAL is to:

Generate more Revenue while Lower ACoS

Achieve Target ACoS while Increasing Sales

Achieve Target TACoS while Increasing Sales

Amazon PPC Management amzpert

Why Amzpert?

We are a team of Amazon PPC Specialists that has been working together for almost three years. We have tested, tested, and tested some more. After many hours of research, and tons of testing, we finally found the perfect blend of the right strategy, tactics, and methods.

We help Amazon Sellers Generate More Sales and Revenue by Optimizing and Launching Effective PPC Strategies.

We work with people who want to establish a Successful Amazon Business and increase their income using the Amazon E-commerce platform.

PPC Campaign Management for:

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Promote Product Listings

Sponsored Products can help promote products to shoppers actively searching with related keywords or viewing similar products on Amazon.

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Showcase your brand

Sponsored Brands can help customers discover your brand and products with creative ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results.

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Drive discovery and loyalty

Sponsored Display can help you reach relevant audiences throughout their shopping and entertainment journeys with programmatic display ads.

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The Roadblocks

These are the problems and challenges that we may encounter in order to achieve the desired goal.

Checking if the Product Listing is Retail-Ready and Optimized for Conversions
Lower ACoS while Increasing Sales
Reducing Ad Spend on Non-Converting Keywords
Identifying the Converting Keywords that have High Relevancy from Reports
Figuring Out the Correct Budgets for Campaigns
What Campaign Ad-Types that are needed to be Launch
Correctly Optimizing the Bids
Checking Campaign Performance and Reporting
Performing Correct Keyword Research
Tracking Keyword Rank for each Product

The Solution

Based on the items you need help with, the Project will primarily focus on PPC Campaign Management with the ultimate objectives of lowering ACoS and increasing revenue and profits.

Here are the Phases we will perform inorder to achieve your goal of Selling a Product that generates Tons of Sales in Amazon Ecommerce.

Phase 1: Listing Audit
Phase 2: Campaign Audit
Phase 3: Campaign Bid & Budget Optimization
Phase 4: Keyword Research
Phase 5: Campaign Creation & Launch
Phase 6: Keyword Rank Monitoring & PPC Reporting
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Proposed Strategy

listing audit amzpert amazon ppc


In this phase, we will check if the Product Listing is Retail-Ready and Optimized for Conversions. We will get our Top 10 Competitors for the Product we want to Launch Perform Product Listing Comparison and make sure our Product Listing is Top-Notch and much better than our Competitors. A thorough check on Listing Images, Title, Bullet Points, Product Description, EBC, Search Terms, Subject Matter, etc.

listing audit amzpert amazon ppc


This phase includes downloading Advertised Product Reports, Search Term Reports, Detail Page Sales, and Traffic Reports. Then identifying what ASINs have contributed the Highest Sales for the past 12 Months and identify how many sales have been generated from the Converting Search Terms that are potential added Revenue. We will also identify what Search Terms/Keywords are just Bleeders and we’ll be cutting the Spend.

listing audit amzpert amazon ppc


In this phase, we will be determining the right Budgets allocated for each Campaign. This way we don’t get Out-Of-Budget for our Converting Campaigns. We will also perform Weekly Bid Optimization for our Keywords categorized as Top Keywords and Non-Top Keywords Weekly Bid Optimization for Cutting Bleeders Weekly Bid Optimization for Keywords Above Target ACoS.

listing audit amzpert amazon ppc


For the Keyword Research Phase, we will be gathering our Converting Search Terms from the Search Terms Report. Those Search Terms that have generated 2 or more Orders that are Highly Relevant. Utilize Helium10 Cerebro to get Keywords from the Top 10 Competitors that have High Search Volume and Relevancy Scores. Also using Brand Analytics to get the Highly Searched Keywords in the Amazon Platform that most buyers search for.

listing audit amzpert amazon ppc


Build Campaigns based on Keyword Research done using Cerebro and Brand Analytics. Create Sponsored Products Campaigns, Sponsored Brands Campaigns and Sponsored Display Campaigns

listing audit amzpert amazon ppc


In this phase, we will monitor our Keyword Ranking for our Top Keywords in the Keyword Masterlist with a high search volume and relevancy score. Weekly Reporting of PPC Performance indicating Spend, Revenue, ACoS, ROAS, Cost per Click, Impressions, Total ACoS, Clicks, Click Through Rate, Orders, and Conversion Rate. Monthly Reporting of PPC Results and Performance and the next Action Plan based on PPC Performance

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